F.C. Dorsum

Green Ranger Moth Hoodie


The Green Ranger will blow into his knife in times of trouble to summon his trusty companion Dragon Zord who emerges from the wettest of the oceans to come and save Tommy's day. My friends like to compare me to this superhero by saying that at the end of the night, I will summon my own Dragon Whore (I find it extremely disrespectful to call anyone that and do not condone it at all) who emerges from the sea to drown me in her vagina. Where they get this idea and propaganda who knows but it's surely not from Saban or Mattel. We made this hoodie in the hopes that you can summon whatever you desire in your time of trouble to help you. 

Boxy fit, but not like Ryan Garcia boxy. 

Regular Orders

Give us like 2-3 days to ship out your package. We have like real jobs and stuff because nobody buys our stuff and then we don't make any money and stuff. 

We use FedEx, UPS, and DHL for shipping. We don't use USPS because they can't be trusted. 

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