F.C. Dorsum



This jersey was inspired by Jageh (Mother of Pearl) that contains patterns made from fragments cut from the inner area of an Abalone Shell. The iridescent shine comes from the properties of a pearl, but is far less expensive and available than the sea stone. Although the cost of the shell in itself is inexpensive, it takes an incredible amount of hours to cut, shape, and place each fragment to the art pieces. This method was used primarily on furniture in the 1960-80's which saw a flurry of house holds having one. 

All of this was taken from Wikipedia and was not at all from any of my own knowledge. I am not responsible for you showing off to someone your hitting on because you have an Asian fetish and you sound like an idiot because none of this was factual. But if you would like to impress them, just buy the jersey and say you love Korean BBQ when you hear that someone is Korean. That'll REALLY get them on your side. YEAHHHHHHHHH.

*This jersey is Vaporknit which means it's a player version, like players actually wear this because it's light and free flowing and your body can breathe so you don't smell like expired vagina. 

Regular Orders

Give us like 2-3 days to ship out your package. We have like real jobs and stuff because nobody buys our stuff and then we don't make any money and stuff. 

We use FedEx, UPS, and DHL for shipping. We don't use USPS because they can't be trusted. 

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