F.C. Dorsum

La Polee-Sha Crewneck


Why the Spanish language has feminine or masculine indication to words is one of the most puzzling things in the world to me. Why can't Polilla just be Polilla instead of La Polilla? What if the moth was a man? What if the moth was gender neutral? It also complicates everything because then it needs to be come Las and you need to change some words to conform to the la polilla and it becomes very complicated. 

Did you know that Argentines pronounce double L's as SH? I find it sexy. Boludo.

Boxy fit, but not like Ryan Garcia boxy. 

Regular Orders

Give us like 2-3 days to ship out your package. We have like real jobs and stuff because nobody buys our stuff and then we don't make any money and stuff. 

We use FedEx, UPS, and DHL for shipping. We don't use USPS because they can't be trusted. 

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